The Game

The players were all hyped up.  The opposing team had the upper hand, with a good number of points ahead of the other team.  They had service, with the other team ready for it.

The shuttlecock flew over the net, and there was a flurry of exchanges between the teams.  Suddenly the opposing team let out a drop shot, just over the net.  One half of the other team charged to meet it… but used too much momentum.  To the horror of his team mate, he went straight to the edge of the net, his arms in front of him, and crashed on the scorer seat box.  It toppled down with a bang.  The whole badminton place grew silent.  Everyone was looking at them.

The scorer seat box was heavy (it was made of metal) so one of the court staff helped put it up.  The player who crashed into it didn’t get hurt, just had a bad shoulder.  Luckily he did not have any bruises.  Sadly, his team mate and the opposing team members could not stop laughing.  Ah, just another game of badminton…

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