Baguio and Home

*Originally posted in Multiply on 21 May 2007*

Our last day in Sagada, I woke quite early. I guess yesterday’s activity upped my adrenaline level. Nessie sent me possible lodgings in Baguio. I called one up, a condominium that can house all of us. I told the guy, Engr. Cepe, that we’d call back.

We all prepared our things for our departure. We loaded everything in the van and I closed our accounts at the front desk. We then went to the souvenir shops and bought some stuff before we had brunch at Masferre.

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The Hills Are Alive… With the Sound of Heavy Breathing (Sagada, Part 2)

*Originally posted in Multiply on 21 May 2007*

We woke quite early. We were told yesterday that the tour starts at 7am. Of course, we tried to be down that time but breakfast was what slowed us down.

Our guide, John, discussed what to expect on the tour while waiting for our food. When he said that we were going to walk, hike and do some caving, I felt I wasn’t fit to do it. Well, considering that it was how it was, I psyched myself to complete it. Ha! After breakfast, we were off.

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Are We There Yet? (Sagada, Part 1)

*Originally posted in Multiply on 19 May 2007*

The road to Bontoc, a town before Sagada, was really rough. There were a number of quarries, therefore a lot of loose, sharp stones. There were trails that were good for one vehicle only. In fact, there was one where we had to reverse back out as the other vehicle was already halfway. We got to Bontoc by noontime. And we had a mishap.

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Visiting the Eighth Wonder of the World

*Originally posted in Multiply on 17 May 2007*

We decided to leave on a Wednesday night, instead of a Thursday morning, because of the length of the trip. We wanted to be in Banaue in the morning, not afternoon. There were six of us on this trip: Rodel and Ly Anne, Monica, Jovit, Butch (my niece) and myself. We also had two drivers for the van, Neri and Mario, something that did not mean much.

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Summer Plans

*Originally posted in Multiply on 13 May 2007*

I was pondering on whether to get new sandals or not. No, I am not talking of the casual sandals you see or the familiar flip-flops that adorn most of the female variety’s feet. Well, some of the male species do, considering being fashionable when seen in a pair.

I am talking of hiking sandals.

Ha! Going camping? Trekking? Well, the latter is more appropriate. A bunch of us in the office decided to go to Banaue in Ifugao then Sagada, Mountain Province. It was actually a choice between Batanes, the northernmost province of the Philippines and this. Batanes is a home province so I was persistent for them to go there. The only thing stopping them was the plane fare, which was steep. Since I was decided to go there, I already had tickets. What can I say? I am getting on both trips, hehehe. I go to Banaue-Sagada on 19-23 April then to Batanes on 28 April-5 May.

After all the lodgings have been booked and the van finalized, I visited websites and blog entries on anything about Banaue and Sagada. All I could read was hike, trek, cave, rappel, insect repellant, light clothes, backpack, no ATMs, first aid kit, flashlight, and lots of water. And, of course, the perennial reminder of bringing your camera to capture all the beauty of the rice terraces and the mountains. Hmm, this looks like a challenge.

I am not a real fan of camping or hiking but love the outdoors. I am happy just staying put in one part of a clearing or the forest and just marvel at Mother Nature. Well, if walking up a hill to get there is must, I have no problem with that. It’s just not a regular thing, I guess.

Going back to the sandals, I finally choose a thong version. I am impatient with velcro strap-ons, especially something as complicated as those on most hiking sandals. It criss-crosses whichever way until you can’t figure out how to get it on or off.

Anyway, I packed all the necessary things as advised by the frequent visitors there. I was ready. Hmm, was I really ready?

First stop: Banaue, Ifugao. More on the next blog. 🙂