A Year of Milestones

2016 marked 3 milestones in our family, all birthdays. We were not so much into fanfare, nothing big, just time with the family… which made it so much more memorable and special.

In June, I turned into a Golden Girl (intro theme from the TV show…). My sister treated me for breakfast in the newly-opened Conrad Hotel by the bay.

After a hearty breakfast…

Good food, great view!

A few days after, I met up with my friends for our yearly birthday meet up. Too bad one of the celebrants could not make it- miss you, Riza!

Batch turned 18 last August. No party, just a day out with her friends and family dinner at Crisostomo. It was good Angela came home that month and was able to join us.

And in October, Mom turned 80. We checked into a hotel in Makati, enjoyed walking around the mall without thinking of how to get home amidst the weekend traffic. Incidentally, typhoon Karen was lashing some parts of the country.

50, 18 and 80- a year of milestones, indeed.  Here’s to more… 🙂

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