Magnum Cafe

Ice scream… oops, ice cream!

I have laid low or totally avoided sugar for the past months and happy with the results as I have lost a lot of inches on my waistline.  Haha!  But, I cannot pass up on the chance to try this restaurant (is it one?).  So, on a holiday Monday, off we went to Bonifacio Global City.

Before we satisfied our sweet tooth, we had a healthy lunch at Slice at Bonifacio High Street.  I had their brown arroz caldo since I wasn’t feeling that hungry.  Nessie just had pumpkin soup and Ma had the barbecue chicken rice melt.  Then we transferred to SM Aura.

It seems that everybody had one destination that time: Magnum Cafe.  When we got there, there was a long line both outside and inside.  It turned out that one line was for dining in and the other was for take-out.  They serve hot meals when dining in and their ice cream bars are served on a plate with some additional food like cakes or brownies.  When it’s to-go, it’s served on a box.  Any difference? Nah, just the presentation.  But the take out was more interesting because you get to choose what you want to place on your Magnum ice cream bar! So, that was where we lined up.

Here’s how it goes:  you pay first.  This is a good idea since people might forget once they get their dressed up ice cream.  It costs 100 pesos.  You then choose three toppings.  There is a variety of nuts, cookie bits, yoghurt bits, freeze-dried fruits and chocolate.  They place your three chosen toppings in a mini shaker.  I wanted to order a martini instead, hahaha.

Vanilla or chocolate? This is your ice cream bar.  Then your kind of dip: white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  (All this writing on chocolate is giving me a toothache.)

After they dip your ice cream bar, they place it on a box and pour your toppings on both sides.  Then you can add drizzle on top of any of the chocolate dip.  Tada!!! You now have your own designer Magnum ice cream bar!

Chocolate bar, dark chocolate dip, almonds/pistachios,dried raspberries toppings, milk chocolate drizzle

My Magnum!

My Magnum: chocolate bar, dark chocolate dip, toppings: pistachios, almonds and dried raspberries, and milk chocolate drizzle.  Talk about chocolate overload! I actually already took a bite when Nessie said she had to take a picture.  Do you see it? :)

Nessie’s Magnum

Nessie’s Magnum: vanilla bar, dark chocolate dip, toppings: pistachios, almonds and yoghurt bits, and white chocolate drizzle.

We shared our ice cream with Ma, since she could not consume one whole.  She just took 2 bites from each bar and gave up.  Too sweet for her.

Well, it was worth the trip and experience.  I think am done with it- once is enough (hmm…).  So if you are in SM Aura, go have an ice-scream moment at Magnum Cafe.  And stop saying you are on a diet… for once.


Visit their website at

Too Much Time On My Hands

When you have too much time on your hands, there are a lot of things you want to do.  Mine ranged from organising stuff to mending clothes to thinking of business opportunities.  I even thought of writing some fiction just for the heck of it. :)

Seriously, when you don’t go to work on a daily basis, you feel you have this blank board in front of you, waiting to be filled up with anything.  I was sort of changed into being a project-based  employee- in short, a freelancer.  Of course, I worry about when the next project comes in and in doing so, I find ways to have some income.  So, I did some spring cleaning and started with my book cabinet.

You have no idea how much of a bookworm I am.  Removing them from the cabinet, I had books I read when I was still in grade school! I know we sold some when we had garage sales in the past so what I had was the decreased amount.  Anyway, being a stickler for organisation, I documented each and every printed book I had in that cabinet.  This was how much I had to type in:

Books to keep

Books to keep

Books to keep (other angle)

Books to keep (other angle)

More books to keep (pile) and books to read (shelved)

More books to keep (pile) and books to read (shelved)

Back to the cabinet!

Back to the cabinet!

Books to sell

Books to sell

I had a list of books to keep, which goes back to the cabinet, and those to sell.  Most of the books for sale I had the e-book versions of, so it wasn’t much of a loss, just the physical feel of it (sigh).  Some of the old books have really yellowed pages- is there a way to avoid this?  I’d hate to have my kept books crumble when I decide to leaf through them, hehehe.

After encoding all the printed books, I did the same with my e-books.  Wow, that was a longer list and had to cross-reference with existing printed books.  You know what? It seemed like too much work but I had a lot of fun there! :D

After finalising my book lists, I took photos of all the books I was selling.  I posted them on my online store and in a few minutes, I had buyers.  Wow! Guess what got bought first? The Twilight books! :D

First to go!

First to go!

It was my first time to sell online so insisted on meeting up with my buyers in specific places.  It was nice to meet people who read the same stuff as you.  Most of my buyers were younger than me and glad that they appreciate reading a book.  I had one buyer who bought almost all my urban fantasy novels.  I told her that not many people are into this genre, that we were a select group, hehehe.  I’m going to meet up again with her this Saturday to deliver her second batch of 25 books. :D

So, still using the extra time, I did the same with my music CDs and cassette tapes.  I know you’d say: What? Cassette tapes? Yup, still have some of them, just don’t know where to play them as we do not have any cassette player anymore.

Movies? I already have an existing list of my movie discs, just have to fix it up a bit. :D

Hmm, what can I organise next? Or, I can start with mending the clothes…


*If interested with the books I’m selling, please check my account at  My username is LaniB.  Thanks!