Mini Barcelona Reunion 2012

Last 1 April, we had a mini clan reunion.  Relatives from the US, all children of Jose Barcelona, visited the Philippines.  A cousin from Germany, representing one of the brothers, also came.  It was quite a small affair with lots of food (the most important element).  As in gatherings, picture taking was non-stop.  Here’s a group picture of the cousins who arrived that day (maybe just 1/18th of the clan):

Ah, you could just imagine how many more were missing that day, hehehe.  I do hope we have a grand reunion, preferably in Batanes, where the clan is based.  Now, that would be something to see…




Nope, I’m not going anywhere- physically that is.  I’ve decided to discontinue my Multiply account.  I already have an existing blog here anyway so why not keep it in just one place? Easier to maintain and follow.  With Facebook, it’s now easy to keep track of friends.  Hmm, the task of removing and transferring pictures and blogs from the old site.  Sigh, it’s going to be a long weekend ahead…