Pinterest: Essentially Necessary

When I design for presentations, I sometimes, if not most of the time, run out of color ideas.  I tend to stick to one color scheme for two different clients but have this fear of having them meet up and compare notes, saying, “Hey, you used the same designer!”

I have my trusty Color Harmony book, which is kind of old school, but still works.  Or I just pick colors from the color panel and see which complements or contrasts each other.

One day, I decided to check out Pinterest.  And boy, glad I did.

For the longest time, I considered Pinterest another Instagram or Facebook.  I don’t regularly check my accounts on both sites so was not too eager to add another.  Remembering passwords was another thing, though I keep using the same one for most of my accounts until it expires and have to create another, this time using a combination of numbers and capital letters.  Ugh, not getting younger here…

Anyway, I created an account with them.  First, you got to have an invite.  Hmm, I sent a request to have them invite me.  I felt like I was vying for attention… 🙂

I got an e-mail saying I was on their waiting list and will notify me as soon as I get a slot.  Wow, I felt like I was eating in a famous restaurant…

Two days after, I was in.  As soon as I logged in, and after setting up my preferred topics/categories, I was stumped with all the available references! So this is why it was an essential design tool! I started pinning whatever caught my fancy.  I’ve made boards for design and color references, recipes, dogs, and books.  I even found some tattoo references- need to add  my ink, hehehe.  Ooh, this is one site I will visit on a regular basis: essential and necessary.

I ❤ you, Pinterest!


Visit Lani Barcelona’s profile on Pinterest.

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