June: A Merry Month of Friendship

I have always associated June as a merry month.  Not marry… though the month is known for brides, weddings and anything matrimonial in nature.  Nope, mine is M-E-R-R-Y.

First off, it is my birth month.  It is also the month of our country’s independence.  It is also the start of school for most and the rainy season, if weather patterns have not changed.  It is the month where I meet up with my college friends because three of us have birthdays on this month, 5-6 days between.  Unfortunately, one of those celebrants just had a medical procedure done a week before we met up so could not make it.  So, on Independence Day, which coincided with Riza’s birthday, Elsie, Rose and I met up and had a long lunch at Giovanni’s Bar Ristorante, an Italian restaurant near Araneta Center.  Good food, but mediocre service, and great conversation! Well, topics ranged from the kids’ schooling to menopause.  Hmm, funny how what really matters change as we get older… 😉

Lunch at Giovanni's

With Elsie Dormiendo and Rosemary Tan

We definitely missed red-haired Riza! We had the restaurant all to ourselves and we could have shook it down, hehehe.  Hey, we could have gotten a discount because the celebrant was there…

The next day, I met with former animation colleagues who are painters and artists by profession.  It was so great to see them out of a gallery as we only get to meet up when one has an exhibit opening somewhere.  I loved hearing their recent exhibits, specially those done outside the country, and never felt prouder to be among such creative company.  Tammy, a recent acquaintance, sported a buzz cut and found that she just finished a round of chemotherapy to treat breast cancer.  I know she’ll surpass this- go, Tammy!

Creative Meet-up

Mark Justiniani, Joy Mallari, Tammy Tan, Judith Sonia Alluso, Cynthia Antonio

We all met at Megamall, a memorable place as we used to go here when it first opened and watch a movie almost every day/night! We’d even quiz one another with “Guess the Movie by Naming Just the Key Actors.” We were movie addicts. 😀

Pizza with chicken and mojos (potatoes) at Shakey’s and the never-missed, favorite drink of all: COFFEE, at CBTL.  Since the majority of the company were females, we talked about… menopause! Hahaha- anyone in their 40s would relate to this… 😉

At some point, we set up our Viber group so we can chat and send messages because three of them did not have any Facebook accounts.  This was fine by me since I seldom check my FB page.  And, our Viber group has a picture!

The female company

The female company in Viber mode

My birthday was a simple one: heard mass in the morning with Ma then had breakfast at McDonald’s.  Went to the grocery to buy some ingredients to cook in the evening.  The night before, made some banana oatmeal muffins and banana bread.  My mom bought a lot of overripe bananas just for these. 🙂

Served Loaded Chicken Salad with Garlic Greek Yoghurt Ranch Mayo Dressing and pasta with oysters in olive oil and parsley.  Got to watch what I eat so served something healthy for a change.  It was my first time to try the chicken salad recipe and even used tortilla wraps as instructed- it was really good! Hmm, no cake and dessert- got to watch my sugar intake, too…

Before the month ended, I was supposed to meet up with another close friend but had to cancel because she was not feeling well that day.  Mimbi, you owe me lunch. 🙂

Well, another June has passed and looking forward to next year.  Here’s to more Merry June months!


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