Namnam, Comfort Filipino Food

Nessie and I tried a new restaurant yesterday: Namnam.  Located at Greenbelt 2, it is Filipino cuisine at its best.  When you open their menu, the left side has CLASSICS on it, common Filipino food cooked the usual way, while the right side shows TWISTS, a variation of some of the favourites.  Here’s a sample of it (taken from

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

It’s a Monday, start of another week.  This morning, traffic on my usual route to work was heavy.  A normal 20-30 minute drive ended in an hour.  At the end of the traffic, there was no reason for the long wait; no accident, no road repair, nothing.  Hmm, must be one of those let’s-cause-a-traffic-for-no-reason day.  Anyway, I was rewarded with this sight after all that wait:


Like a painting, it was really soothing.  Have a good Monday!