Namnam, Comfort Filipino Food

Nessie and I tried a new restaurant yesterday: Namnam.  Located at Greenbelt 2, it is Filipino cuisine at its best.  When you open their menu, the left side has CLASSICS on it, common Filipino food cooked the usual way, while the right side shows TWISTS, a variation of some of the favourites.  Here’s a sample of it (taken from


We got giving-gising, crispy pork binagoongan and overloaded garlic bangus belly.  Servings come in sizes: small (serves 1), medium (serves 3), and large (serves 5+).  We got the small portion and the serving is quite big.  We also got the small bowl of rice; we wanted to get the medium one but the waiter suggested that the small one would be enough for us.  He was right (unless you really are a rice person then this would be for you).

After the main meal, we got turon with mango and kesong puti.  Something different but it was good.  As usual, I had a cup of coffee.

They don’t have a website but have a Facebook page instead:

Haven’t really been eating out lately but it is always a joy to find something new and recommendable when I do.  Do visit Namnam and experience something different.


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