The Hills Are Alive… With the Sound of Heavy Breathing (Sagada, Part 2)

*Originally posted in Multiply on 21 May 2007*

We woke quite early. We were told yesterday that the tour starts at 7am. Of course, we tried to be down that time but breakfast was what slowed us down.

Our guide, John, discussed what to expect on the tour while waiting for our food. When he said that we were going to walk, hike and do some caving, I felt I wasn’t fit to do it. Well, considering that it was how it was, I psyched myself to complete it. Ha! After breakfast, we were off.

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Are We There Yet? (Sagada, Part 1)

*Originally posted in Multiply on 19 May 2007*

The road to Bontoc, a town before Sagada, was really rough. There were a number of quarries, therefore a lot of loose, sharp stones. There were trails that were good for one vehicle only. In fact, there was one where we had to reverse back out as the other vehicle was already halfway. We got to Bontoc by noontime. And we had a mishap.

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