Last Night at Mahatao (Batanes, Part 6)

Day 6 – Thursday

Nothing has been scheduled today so Nessie and I decided to visit Lola Pepay in Uyugan again. Jun and Lisa stayed to do some laundry. With Linda, we waited for a jeep. After an hour with no transportation going to the south, we opted to go to Linda’s place instead and chilled out. We then brought lunch back to the house and ate there.

We waited for Lilia to arrive with her motorbike. Atop Linda’s bike and Nessie on Lilia’s, we made our way to Uyugan.

We first went to visit Uncle Pepe and Auntie Nena Valiente. We were trying to look for the house when Linda saw Uncle resting on a waiting shed. We caught up on how they and their children were. The eldest son, Dennis, was there and he brought us coconuts to drink. After a few minutes, we took our leave and went to visit Auntie Dolores Cabugao but she wasn’t home. We then went to Lola Pepay.

Lola Pepay was really happy to see us. She thought that we went home to Manila after our first visit. She brought out picture albums and we had a time laughing at ourselves. We even almost broke a chair, which was antique. We also got a phone conversation going between Lola and Mom. After awhile, we said our goodbyes. I just hope it would not be our last time to see her.

We then sped off to Disvayangan. Linda and I were supposed to go fishing but didn’t have any bait. If we gathered some that time, it may be too dark to even go out so we decided to do it the next time I came over for a vacation. L

Jun, Lisa and Mark were at the recreation center so we went there and had a game of bowling (duck pin, that is). Of course, I lost- hahaha. Mark’s score was even higher than mine- sheesh! After that, Ness and the others went to play billiards while I went down the beach house and do some Sudoku. Mark joined me later. The others appeared and had a time picturing the sunset. It was our last night at Mahatao. We will be at Basco tomorrow, being our last night, since it is nearer the airport.

We were joined by Monique, Patrick and Louie (Lito’s kids), for dinner. I was starting to feel reminiscent of the place already because I will not be seeing it after that night. Well, not until I go back to Batanes, that is. We opted to leave early so we could pack our bags for the transfer tomorrow. We walked home and it was really great- the moon was shining bright and the wind was cool.

After the usual showers, we started packing our stuff. It was really funny because all the shells and stones they got were all in one basket for sorting. I can’t wait to see which stays or which goes.

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