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Vigan: Going Back in Time (Ilocos, Part 3)

We were up early, had breakfast early.  Nomer, the ever-accomodating front desk guy, gave us a map of Vigan and encircled points of interest.  We then left for the Partas bus station and took the 9:30am bus to Vigan, a 1 ½ hour ride.

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Moving Around Marcos Country (Ilocos, Part 2)

Woke up at 5:30am.  Ugh, just 30 minutes from my usual waking time.  Opened the TV for some news while stretching.  After showering and dressing up for the day, we had our breakfast outside.  We both ordered longganisa and it was good.

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Valentine’s Day, South of Manila

Jump shot!

I spent my Valentine’s Day vacationing with my siblings and nieces in Palawan.  This is my third time to visit Puerto Princesa but the only time that I will finally get to visit most of the tourist places.  My first two visits were work-related- checking out Road n Trip studio when we were doing “Urduja,” then setting up their scanning system.

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Going Home (Batanes, Part 8)

Day 8 – Our Last Day!

The day we go back to reality. Sigh…

I was up by 4:30am. Our flight was at 8:10am but had to bring our entire luggage to the airport by 6am. This is so we can have our “extra” bags taken in, since it can be left behind when the full cargo weight has been reached. Lito loaded our bags in the jeep and Jun and I hopped in to the airport.

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Lively Lunch, Subtle Dinner (Batanes, Part 7)

Day 7 – Friday

I still woke early, 5am. What is it with this place?

It was our last day in Batanes. We had a scheduled luncheon at Uncle Dick’s house in Ivana so we made sure our bags were ready for the transfer to Basco. After Nessie and Lisa went through the basket, all the remaining shells were given to Linda. We paid for the house and waited for our ride.

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Last Night at Mahatao (Batanes, Part 6)

Day 6 – Thursday

Nothing has been scheduled today so Nessie and I decided to visit Lola Pepay in Uyugan again. Jun and Lisa stayed to do some laundry. With Linda, we waited for a jeep. After an hour with no transportation going to the south, we opted to go to Linda’s place instead and chilled out. We then brought lunch back to the house and ate there.

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