Bingeing at Ivana (Batanes, Part 4)

Day 4 – Tuesday

I could already hear Gemma moving around when I finally opened my eyes. Ooh, the day we say our goodbye to fellow travelers and hello to longtime, seldom or never before seen relatives. And the day we will be stuffing ourselves from food at every house we visit. Goodbye, diet!

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Hazy Morning, Lucid Afternoon (Batanes, Part 2)

Day 2 – Sunday

I woke up with a very heavy head. I just thought it was just the remaining alcohol in my body and would soon disappear, as what happens when I drink. I took a bath and prepared for mass. Jun and Lisa went ahead, we followed a few minutes after. The church was already filled up when we got there and had to stay outside. It was quite windy but intermittent.

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Another Shot at Bohol (Part 2)

*Originally posted in Multiply on 23 March 2006*

Like early birds, we were up by 6am. Today is the day we go on a tour of the sights in Bohol. Dad, who is usually up by 0430h in Manila, was up the same time. He went to the resort restaurant by 0530h for a cup of brewed coffee and was disappointed to find out it was not ready. He had to settle for instant coffee.

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Another Shot at Bohol (Part 1)

*Originally posted in Multiply on 19 March 2006*

White sands, clear waters, bikini-clad Europeans, nipa cottages- with a very persistent “tuko”- and very friendly mosquitos… ahh, the makings of a summer vacation. 😀

I just came back from a relaxing time at Bohol with Nessie and Dad. We spent three days of sun and sand at Alona Beach, renamed after the famous Filipino actress, Alona Alegre, after a movie stint there during the 70’s. It was the second time for me and Nessie- we were there on my birthday two years ago. It was Dad’s first time on Panglao Island, having been only to Tagbilaran, the city proper.

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