A Project Worth Repeating

Every New Year’s day, after mass, we have lunch in a restaurant.  This has been a sort of tradition for the family and something we all look forward to.  Days, or even weeks before, we scout around places to eat and check if they are open on New Year’s day (most are closed).  Last month, on my way to the mall, I happen to see this newly-opened pizza place, Project Pie.  I’ve read and heard about it, but the first place they had was just too far.  So I was really excited when I saw it just a few blocks from our place.  I suggested this to my siblings and it was set.


We all met for lunch there.  It was almost filled up and there was a line at the “designing” stage.  Here’s how it goes: get a leaflet at the entrance of the line.  You have a list of seven fixed combination pizzas and if you decide to build your own, a list of all available toppings. Most of the customers would decide when they get to the counter, holding the line.  What we did was list down what we wanted on our pizzas or tagged a fixed combination.  So we had eight leaflets with our orders on it when we lined up.


My “meatless” order 🙂

They have a pizza dough maker- well, more of a platen machine actually.  The dough was already made so they just had to place this on the machine and it flattens it.  White pizza is olive oil-based.  If not into olive oil, you can request red sauce.  Cheese comes next, then the meats then lastly, the veggies.  Sauce, optional for most, is placed after the pizza has baked (around 5-10 minutes).  Your personal pizza comes in its own tray.  And you definitely don’t have your pizza swapped with someone else’s.  During the assembling of your pizza, they list down your name and the kind of pizza you are having.  After baking, they check the pies against the paper and places it on the right ones.  I guess this takes some practice- can you differentiate chopped cilantro from chopped basil? 🙂

Drinks are unlimited for soda and iced tea.  In fact, you can switch drinks, in case you started off with the China Mist Iced tea (brewed tea, not pre-mixed).  I added some sweetener and still tasted like water.  Should have stuck with plain brewed tea and skipped the ice.

What I really liked about this pizza is that the crust is thin and crunchy.  I am not into the thick dough kind- it just makes you feel bloated after.  And, for some reason, the crust reminded me of Skyflakes crackers…

After eating, you can have your photo taken.  They set up an iPad and you can do your own or a group selfie.  This gets posted on Project Pie’s Instagram account.  Unfortunately for us, they were not online that time so have no idea if we’d get to see our pictures.  I do hope they still post it, even later.


My sister posing after a satisfying meal.

This was a great experience and would do it again.  In fact, I was so satisfied with it that I passed by today to pick lunch.  This time, I built my own:


Grilled chicken with lots of cheese and veggies… and pesto sauce to top it all off!

Yummy!!! By the way, this picture makes it look big but the pizza is around 10″ in diameter. 😀

Project Pie has three branches in Metro Manila: Alabang, Mandaluyong and Pasay City.  Here’s the link to their site for more information: https://www.projectpie.com.  Enjoy!


UPDATE (27 Jan 2014):

I didn’t know my sister took the picture off the iPad at Project Pie that day so here it is:

My brother photobombs us!!!

My brother photobombs us!!!

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