Mommy Syndrome

I have a concern.

Sugar has had three litters in the past two years.  My two males have been neutered almost the same time.  I personally do not want her to get pregnant again and have been diligently watching over her, making sure she does not go over my brother’s house and meet up with Hagrid or let her out on the street (where she first got pregnant).  It’s hard for me to give out puppies, knowing some are not that serious when it comes to taking care of them.  They find them cute at the start then totally ignore them when they’ve outgrown their cuteness.

Anyway, I think Sugar is “expecting” to be pregnant because she has been crying and looking for dark, cool places to lie down.  This is about the same time of the year she last gave birth.  She also has the squeaky ball clamped in her mouth, making it sound as if it was a crying puppy!


This has been going on for a few days now.  The last time she was on heat, it was my neutered males who did it.  Could her maternal instincts be strong? Or is she just going through a I-should-have-puppies-by-now phase? I really do not know.

Well, if she does give birth, and the puppies have any resemblance to either Milo or Gandalf, I’m going to get a refund from the vet!!!


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