Easy Tuesday

It’s a Tuesday. That means it’s commute day for me. There was nothing for me to download yet for work so I left the house early. It’s also Holy Week so there were less people on the train. Most of them must have gone home to the provinces to observe the last few days of Lent so Manila in the following days will be really “spacious”- nice!

During the ride, I couldn’t help notice how some women would groom themselves in public. The girl on my right started off with some hand sanitizer then brought out her compact, powdering her face. The one on my left donned her jacket- guess she felt cold from the aircon blasting our area. I liked the cold because it was really hot outside. Then she brought out this large pink mirror. I glanced at her then she took out her moisturizer and cotton then started to dab her face. Whoa! I was waiting for her to bring out her curling iron.

Directing my gaze across, someone was applying mascara. What?! I felt like the car was one big bathroom. I wanted to bring out my hairbrush and just start to curl my hair. Sigh, some people should just be prepared before they leave the house.

Getting off the station, I walked to St. Francis to get an FX van to work. I was the only passenger. Nice- though had a slight ugh! moment with a cockroach. It’s dead now.

Got to the office and started to download files. Am now thinking of lunch…

Hmm, don’t know how the afternoon will go but feel it’s going to be easy. I love commute day!


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