Goodbye, Multiply

I finally closed my Multiply account.  Before I did it, I went through my site.  Not prolonging the decision, I started to delete the photo albums one at a time.  I then proceeded to check my blogs and most have been copied over here.  I checked the links and videos.  Then, with a sigh, took it out of the system.

Multiply was the first ever blog site I had and it was fun to post blogs and pictures or play around with site themes.  It was a start to a personal desire to write something, be it an event, a thought or just some rant-and-rave thing.

Then they set up the Marketplace, where users create accounts just to sell stuff, and it felt like a classified ads site.  I became friends to some but just could not handle the influx of advertised goods on my homepage.  My site looked like an extension for

It was also difficult to have my friends create accounts since there was Facebook.  So, I just had to let it go.

Still, Multiply gave me that inspiration to write and will always be grateful for it.  So, dear friend, goodbye! Thanks for the push…


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