Extreme Opposites

I saw two movies this week: “Ice Age 4: Continental Drift” and “Magic Mike.”

Ice Age 4 reunites us with the main characters Manny, Sid and Diego.  Add Ellie, Manny’s better half, their teenage daughter Peaches, the possum buddies Crash and Eddie and the everloving-acorn-addict squirrel Scrat.

The movie basically tells us that the continent is dividing into the land masses and countries we have now.  It deals with parenting, friendship and love.  A band of pirates, led by Captain Gutt (voiced by Peter Linkage of Game of Thrones fame- what a voice!), spice the movie up a bit as we get to meet other animals.  Diego gets bitten by the love bug with fellow sabertooth tiger, Shira, voiced by Jennifer Lopez.  Sid’s Granny was, by far, the funniest.  Voiced by Wanda Sykes, I bet the animator had a blast with her.  Being in the animation industry myself, when a character’s lines are voiced well, the animation tends to follow.

Could this be the final installment to the franchise? The characters’ animals are all extinct now so, I don’t know.  It could be since they showed pictures of the voice actors beside their character at the end credits.  If it is, then it was a good ride.  Though, honestly? I think the first was the best. 🙂

Magic Mike.  Only two words: eye candy.  Nope, am not writing to get a PG rating (grins).  In this film, we enter the world of male strippers.  Or male dance revue.  Or something like Chippendale’s!

The story was simple and not really that good.  Channing Tatum, as Mike, plays a male stripper by night and a construction worker by day while designing furniture on the side.  He dances at X-quisite, a club run by manager Matthew McConaughey.  Channing recruits Alex Pettyfer when the latter quits his construction job, and is dubbed The Kid.  Other dancers were Joe Manganiello (Alcide of True Blood), Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey of White Collar) and Adam Rodriguez (Eric of CSI: Miami).

Tatum as an actor was good but as a dancer, he was fantastic.  I saw him in the first Step Up movie and he was really great.  I read somewhere that one of hie earlier jobs was a stripper.  Wow, it did show in the film. 🙂

Two films of different genres.  One general patronage, the other rated R.  One features animals, the other brings out the animals in women- rawr! 😀

Extreme opposites? You bet. 🙂

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