One Happy Stomach

Yesterday, my niece-in-law Angela had her birthday.  As a surprise from her mom, we had dinner at Vikings, the buffet restaurant I have been wanting to try out.  And it did not disappoint.

The restaurant offers a variety of cuisine, mostly Asian: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Singaporean and Filipino.  There was an assortment of salads, breads and spreads (the Spinachi was my favorite).  The nachos were good, the quesadillas bland- maybe exposed too long.  There was an abundance of fresh seafood and you can dictate how you want it cooked.  Grilled was the most popular option.  The desserts were also good, mostly cakes and mousses.  As with any buffet place, there was a long line at the mango crepe station.  Hmm, come to think of it, this was the only fruit I saw them use.

What was great was that the drinks were all bottomless! You had four kinds of fruit juice, iced tea, sago’t gulaman and… BEER! Though not much of a beer drinker, this would be a pulling factor for those who do.  Ooh, they also had bottomless warm SAKE! Hahaha- nearly forgot that! Cups of coffee and tea were also endless. 😀

Weekday rates are Php 688 (lunch) and 888 (dinner) while weekend/holiday rates are 1088.  Senior citizens get 50% off on any day and birthday celebrants eating there on their actual birthday get their meal free (they ask for ID to verify).  I’m not sure if this was a promo but it would be good if it wasn’t.  Here’s a link to their page on Facebook:

In spite of the rains, it was a good ending to the day.  My stomach was extremely happy! Looking forward to the next time we eat there…


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