A Movie Marathon of Sorts

I saw some cool movies over the weekend and earlier this week.


First was “Bridesmaids” on HBO last Sunday.  It was a fun and funny film.  It validates the age-old BEST FRIENDS ARE FOREVER saying.  No matter if you see each other everyday or once in a while, a true friend picks up where you always left off.


The second was “Rock of Ages.” Awesome soundtrack- all 80’s rock music (raises a rock hand sign) mostly by Journey, Foreigner and Def Leppard.  Heard some Night Ranger, Whitesnake, Pat Benatar, Jefferson Starship and even REO Speedwagon (snickers).  If you’ve seen the film, you definitely would not forget “I Can’t Fight This Feeling.”  I didn’t know Tom Cruise could sing- it wasn’t bad.  Catherine Zeta-Jones was great, as always, and others I didn’t expect singing: Alec Baldwin, Malin Ackerman and Paul Giamatti.  They were good.  The lead stars, Jillian Hough and Diego Boneta, had great vocal ranges.  Incidentally, there is an ongoing play here of “Rock of Ages” and am considering to take a peek. 🙂

ImageAnd finally, “Prometheus.” A prequel to the Alien series, it tells of humankind’s quest to discover our maker.  Not God, but some other life form.  It’s the science-versus-religion argument of our origin.  Expect the usual alien inhabiting and popping out the stomach thing (grins).

Still have to see Madagascar 3 and MIB before they end their run.  Hmm, today is when new films open so might just wait for it on HBO.  Looking forward to some comic-book-hero action next month: The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Night Rises.  Don’t forget the popcorn!


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