Gemma and Jon’s Last Day (Batanes, Part 3)

Day 3 – Monday

It’s Gemma and Jon’s last day in Batanes. She could not extend her stay due to work. So we had to make sure we cover most of the places before they leave.

Linda had to go to work and check if her leave this week was approved. So, Boying was our tour guide for the meantime. We boarded his jeep, which was longer, and headed off for Basco.

He took us to a pastureland owned by Lola Celing, his mother. It was vast and had a lot of cows. Also, it was quite close to Mt. Iraya, the tip-elusive volcano. We had a few shots of those.

Pastureland, Basco

We then went to Valugan Beach. This was the first time I saw this much stones, the smooth version, and of all sizes. Boying said that these stones were alive, that they grew. Hmm, first time I heard of that but was validated by Jun. The stones were quite tricky to step on. One can just trip or fall through loose stones. There were fishing boats docked on one part of the beach. These were the ones that did not go out to sea that day. They all started to get stones to bring home. Whoa- those are heavy. Expect to pay for excess baggage. Or be caught by airport authorities.

Valugan, Basco

We drove around fields and even passed by the airport. We passed by the provincial capitol and stopped by the Sto. Domingo church. The heat was really unbearable. My face towel was really wet from sweat. Whew!

We had lunch by the veranda at Lito’s place. It was really cool. Linda had the week off so she’s back as our tour guide. After lunch, Linda and I sat down to compute for costs the past three days for Gemma’s benefit. While we were doing that, they all left and visited the haven for coconut crabs and lobsters. Well, not much a haven but more of a market, actually. I really felt bad I wasn’t able to tag along.

When they came back, we walked the streets of Basco for souvenir shops. We bought shirts mostly. We also had milk ice cream. Yes, am not joking. You’d think it’s vanilla but it’s not. It was really made of milk. Ooh, too creamy for me but helped ease the heat.

Nessie wearing a Vakul

We left Jon at an Internet container van. Yes, I am not joking again. The place is called Smart Click and is a container van that houses 10 machines. You can surf the Internet, chat, play games, print pictures, etc. That was a really good business venture.

We then went back to Naidi to catch the sunset. We sat down and chatted. Jun even set up his camera and showed slides of the pictures he has taken ala Power Point presentation. Nessie wanted to sell her digital camera and get that same camera, hehehe.

Sunset at Naidi

The others started to walk over the hill for the sunset when I heard Linda pointing at Mt. Iraya. Its tip was showing! I hastily took a picture of it. Finally, it graced us with its presence. Great!

I joined the others atop a hill and shot the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. I felt like Maria inĀ “Sound of Music,” all hills and the sky. Pictures here, pictures there.

When the sun could not be seen, we went back to the jeep. We passed by Lito’s house to pick our dinner up and went straight to Disvayangan.

We had fresh tanigue sashimi and uvud again. We also had pork adobo and lobsters. The boys were drinking and declined the invitation. There was also wakay (sweet yam) and uve (ube).

We also set up a tent for Mark and Louie, Lito’s son. It was really funny since none of us actually knew how to. I knew it was easy but just missed out the basics, hehehe. We finally had it standing and the boys just had a go of it.

We were quite tired and Gemma still had to pack their bags so we said our goodnights. Boying drove us back to our place. As usual, we each took our showers. By 10pm, we were all hitting the pillows. Goodness, I can never do this back in Manila. I start to get sleepy by 2am! Also, the past two days, we automatically wake up at 5am. It must be the country life!

Well, it’s the Ivana fiesta tomorrow and machilipulipus (relative-meeting time). Hmm, let’s see how we do.

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