Baguio and Home

*Originally posted in Multiply on 21 May 2007*

Our last day in Sagada, I woke quite early. I guess yesterday’s activity upped my adrenaline level. Nessie sent me possible lodgings in Baguio. I called one up, a condominium that can house all of us. I told the guy, Engr. Cepe, that we’d call back.

We all prepared our things for our departure. We loaded everything in the van and I closed our accounts at the front desk. We then went to the souvenir shops and bought some stuff before we had brunch at Masferre.

Butch at Masferré

I had banana pancakes and they were great! During breakfast, I finalized the condo in Baguio and was sent directions to get there. Bingo came over and handed out our certificates- wow! We had certificates indicating the things we completed: sightseeing, trekking and caving. There were some items unchecked and we vowed to come back to complete those.

We ordered food to go so we wouldn’t have to stop. The trip to Baguio was 6 hours so we wouldn’t want to be delayed one bit. As we rolled out of the Sagada streets, I could not help starting to miss it already. That was how enchanting the place was.

The road to Baguio was kind of rough. Tolerable for the van, though. We stopped from time to time for Rodel’s picture taking. Halfway on the trip, we started to eat our food. When we were nearing Baguio, we encountered fog on one side of the mountain. Another experience! It was a first for some.

When we entered Baguio proper, we passed by the Chinese Bell Temple but it was already closed at 5pm. We went straight to the Baguio Vacation Apartments- great place and good for a big group.

We all went out do some marketing, except for Rodel and Ly Anne. The earlier was really tired. As navigator, I was really lousy with the map and we got lost. We had to stop a couple of times to ask for directions. I’m fine during the day but when night time comes, I don’t remember where to pass.

Anyway, the girls went to get the stuff from the market while we looked for a place to park. They bought dinner and food to cook the next day. When we got back to the condo, it was obvious how we were all famished. After preparing plates, we all sat down for lechon manok. After dinner, everybody went to bed while Butch and I watched “Domino.” We went to bed after that.

I woke quite early the next day and helped prepare breakfast. I took a bath after that. We all sat down to eat after everyone was all cleaned up. After breakfast, we fixed our things for our departure home. I called up the front desk and they sent someone to check on the unit. After everything was okayed, I gave the payment and we started loading our bags in the van. Engr. Cepe was outside and had a chat with him. This is one place we will definitely recommend.

The trip home was okay. We stopped by at Isdaan at Gerona, Tarlac for lunch. After that, it was just counting the hours till we got home. As soon as we hit Manila, we were greeted with a traffic jam. Ah, nothing like home, eh?

This trip was one of wonder, amazement and discovery. Hook me up anytime to either Banaue or Sagada- there is unfinished business to be done. Mother Nature, you inspire me big time! See more of you in Batanes!

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